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Pokémon X и Y


It is certainly not an easy task to breed a Pokemon. However, with a few useful techniques and guidelines, you will be able to get yourself a great one.

Well bred Pokemon can also be traded at Wonder Trade for sought after items. For more help on Pokemon X and Y, read our HM and TM Locations, Fairy-Type Pokemon and Super Training Guide.

How to Start Breeding

Before You Breed

  • Defeat Elite 4 because you need Friend Safari which makes it easier to breed.
  • Catch a lot of Dittos so that you have ones with useful nature, they don’t need to have their hidden ability.
  • Take your Dittos to IV Checker in Kiloude City Pokemon Center to find which perfect IVs they have.
  • Try to obtain all power items from the Battle Maison, Everstone from an NPC in Geosenge Town and Destiny Knot from an NPC in Cyllage City.

How To Begin Breeding
In order to begin breeding, you will need to go to Pokemon Day Care Center and have two well-matched Pokemon. Pokemon Day Care can only be found after you have obtained Poke Flute at Route #7, Riviere Walk.

Though during their time at Day Care, your Pokemon will begin to learn new moves and rank up but won’t make an egg until the time is right.

You need to spend some time in the game by engaging yourself in something like traveling from one place to another. Waiting by simply standing idle won’t get you any eggs.

Check-in with the man at the Day Care frequently and he will eventually tell you that he has found an egg.

Breeding Legendary Pokemon
There are certain Pokemon which can’t be bred under any condition. These Pokemon include Legendary Pokemon (except for Manaphy) and Heatran.

Only Ditto has the ability to breed with any given Pokemon along with genderless. However, it can’t be hatched from an egg.

Egg Groups
There are a total of 14 Egg Groups in which the Pokemon are divided. These fourteen Egg Groups are:

  • Amorphous
  • Bug
  • Dragon
  • Fairy
  • Field
  • Flying
  • Grass
  • Human-Like
  • Mineral
  • Monster
  • Undiscovered
  • Water 1
  • Water 2
  • Water 3

The Pokemon in a particular Egg Group are somewhat identical to each other. However, there are some obvious exceptions. And like I have mentioned above that after matching a pair, you will have to wait for a while until your Pokemon make an egg.

Tip by Breeder – How fast a Pokemon makes an egg is determined by the Pokemon species (Pokemon and it’s Evolution Line) and trainer ID. It is recommended that you combine a Pokemon you have traded with one of your own to make faster eggs. In order of most effective to least effective:

  • Same Species, Different ID
  • Same Species, Same ID and Different Species, Different ID
  • Different Species, Same ID

You can have an idea about the time that your Pokemon will take by talking to the man at Day Care.

What to Expect
While breeding two different Pokemon belonging to the same Egg Group, chances are that the female of the two Pokemon will hatch from the egg. You can take the example of Charmander who is hatched by breeding Charizard and Dragonite.

However, there will be some instances when you will have 50% chances of either a male or female Pokemon.

Note : Sometimes, you will have to hold a special item in order to complete the breeding process while staying at Day Care.

It is possible to pass on the Nature of a parent Pokemon in the child by simply holding Everstone at the time of breeding.

Along with this, abilities can also be passed on the successive generations. However, a mother has more chances of passing down her abilities than the father.

There are about 80% chances that the child will know the same abilities as its mother.

How To Check IVs
Find IV checker in Kiloude City Pokemon Center.

Individual Values ‘IVs

The inheritance mechanism does not stop here as three Individual Values are also inherited by the child. These three IVs are passed on randomly and can be either from the father or the mother.

You can also pass on the IVs of your choice from the either parent by attaching a Power Weight, Power Bracer, Power Belt, Power Lens, Power Band, or Power Anklet.

Once a Pokemon hatches, it will be on Level 1. Still, it will know certain moves, there are three attacks which can be learned via breeding.

There are some particular attacks which can only be learned by breeding.

It can be very well explained by Outrage at Charmander’s disposal. Then there will be certain moves which a Pokemon usually learns at advanced levels but your Pokemon will learn them during breeding if it is in both parents’ move-set.

And lastly, it will be able to learn moves from TM and HM if the father knows it.

Breeding Shiny Pokemon

This method was discovered by Junichi Masuda which reads that if Pokemon from different countries are bred, the chances of getting a shiny are increased considerably.

The odds for getting a Shiny Pokemon from breeding two Pokemon you caught and bred are 1 out of 8192. It does not matter if you have two foreign Pokémon with same language, the chances will still remain 1 out of 8192.

Note : This method also works on the 4th generation but you won’t be able to pass down the nature of the parent Pokemon.

Breeding – Power Items

Like afore mentioned, Power Items control which IVs will be passed down, though the IVs are randomly generated in the baby, you can control it using Power Items.

  • Power Weight – Passes holder’s HP IV
  • Power Bracer – Passes holder’s Attack IV
  • Power Belt – Passes holder’s Defense IV
  • Power Lens – Passes holder’s Special Attack IV
  • Power Band – Passes holder’s Special Def IV
  • Power Anklet – Passes holder’s Speed IV

If father has Power Weight and mother has Power Bracer then there is a 50% chance that the child will either have HP or Attack meaning that both of these abilities can’t be passed down.

How to Breed a Pokemon with three 31 IVs

Courtesy of a Reddit user, Dafaultusernamerd, we know that each wild Pokemon in the game has 1/32 chance of getting a particular IV of 31.

Since there are six stats, wild Pokemon have a 1 – (31/32)6 chance of having at least one IV of 31. After catching a wild Pokemon with 31 in one of the IVs, this probability is further reduced to 1 – (31/32)5 and so on meaning that you will have to catch 1/(1-(31/32)6 )+1/(1-(31/32)5 )+1/(1-(31/32)4 )+1/(1-(31/32)3 )+1/(1-(31/32)2 )+1/(1-(31/32)1 ) = 81 Dittos.

After getting the required Pokemon, you can start breeding. You should also make sure that you that the parent should have the Nature that you want in the child.

Let’s take the example of Modest Ghastly which you want to have 31 Speed, 31 Special Attack, and 31 Special Defense with Special Attack being the priority followed by Special Defense and Speed.

Generation 0: Modest Gastly (Everstone) + 31 Speed Ditto (Power Anklet)
This will allow you to produce a Modest Gastly having 31 Speed every time.

Generation 1: Modest 31 Speed Gastly (Everstone) + 31 Special Defense Ditto (Power Band)
After getting Special Defense in the child, only two stats remain to be inherited with 10 stats to choose from, five from mother and five from father. It is a good idea to have one of these stats as Gastly’s Speed.

The first stat will have 9/10 chance of not being the Gastly’s Speed. As for the second stat, there is 7/8 chance of not getting the Gastly’s Speed. Thus, the chance of either of the two remaining inherited stats being Gastly’s speed is 1 – 9/10 * 7/8 = 21.25 %.

Generation 2: Modest 31 Speeds 31 Special Defense Gastly (Everstone) + 31 Special Attack Ditto (Power Lens)
After getting Special Attack, the remaining stats must be Gastly’s Speed and Special Defense. The first stat has a 2/10 chance of being either Gastly’s Speed or Gastly’s Special Defense.

The other stat has a 1/8 chance of being the other one. The probability of both stats being the ones you need is 2/10 * 1/8 = 2.5 %.

Anyway, in order to get 31/31/31 Pokemon, you will have to get around 80 Dittos and 46 throughout three generations.

Generation 3+: Modest 31 Speed 31 Special Defense Gastly (Everstone) + Modest 31 Speed 31 Special Defense 31 Special Attack Gastly (Power Lens)
Special Attack is forced into the offspring.

As for the other two stats, the first of the two remaining passed on stats have a 4/10 chance of being either parent’s Special Defense or Speed while the other stat has a 2/8 chance of being either parent’s Special Defense or Speed. Combined probability is then 4/10 * 2/8 = 10%.

How To Breed a Pokemon With Perfect IVs

Thanks Nathan Gianoncelli for Tip – Terotrous has detailed a simple step by step process to breed Pokemon with Perfect IVs. You can follow the step by step instructions if you are looking to breed a Pokemon with perfect IVs. Before you start, make sure you have done everything detailed in ‘Before You Breed’ section above.

Step #1
Find the Pokemon you want to use for breeding. If you want its hidden ability, you will need to get one from Friend Safari. Once you have acquired it, breed it with Ditto of the right nature that holds the Everstone. Doing so will guarantee the baby will have the right nature but you are still not guaranteed to get the hidden ability.

You need to retain the hidden ability if you want bred Pokemon to have it. Keep in mind that same applies to all the steps that follow when it comes to retaining hidden abilities.

Step #2
Breed this Pokemon with a Ditto that has a perfect IV that you want your Pokemon to have. You will need to give it an appropriate power item for this to work. Furthermore, you will need to move the Everstone to the Pokemon you just bred. Doing so will grant the new baby Pokemon the perfect value for that IV as well as the right nature.

Step #3
Now breed the new baby Pokemon with a different Ditto that has two different perfect IVs and holds a power item for one of its perfect IVs while your baby continues to hold the Everstone. Doing so will get you a new Pokemon with 2 perfect IVs but that only have 1 in 3 chance.

Keep checking the IVs of your baby Pokemon until one has two perfect IVs.

Step #4
Breed the new baby Pokemon with another Ditto who has two different perfect IVs. Between them, your Pokemon should now have four perfect IVs and make sure you give Destiny Knot item to Ditto while your baby continues to hold the Everstone. New bred Pokemon has a good chance of hatching with three perfect IVs.

Step #5
Once you have bred a Pokemon with three perfect IVs, make that baby Pokemon a new parent and have it hold the Everstone. Breed it with another Ditto with two different perfect IVs and give it a Destiny Knot. Repeat it until you get your first four perfect IV baby.

Your eventual goal is to breed two Pokemon of different genders that have five perfect IVs so that you can make them parents.

Note: When you are successful in breeding two parents with five perfect IVs holding Everstone and Destiny Knot, your chance of breeding a baby with perfect IVs increases to 1 in 200.

Make sure you don’t throw any male bred Pokemon with five perfect IVs as they can be used in place of Dittos to breed with other Pokemon in their egg groups. Furthermore, you can use Destiny Knot right from the start to speed up the process.

Do note that getting all 6 perfect IVs is very rare.

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